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Errol Spence Jr. dominates Danny Garcia in "Fight of the Year" match

New York- Errol Spence defeats Danny Garcia in dominate fashion.

Before the boxing bout between Danny Garcia and Errol Spence Jr. there was a lot of critics wondering how Spence would approach the fight. Last year, Spence was involved in a car accident, which resulted in injuries that hindered him from getting into the ring. Spence said that he learned from the accident and wants to move forward. "I have a renewed focus," Spence said. "I'm back focused on the things that got me to the top of the mountain. That's really about being back in the gym every day no matter what."

Spence will be fighting a hungry Garcia that wants to knock Spence off his game and give him his first loss in his boxing career. Both guys had something to prove to the world and the talking finally ceased, as both fighters got into the ring for a good night of boxing.

In the first couple of rounds, both fighters came out very aggressive with trying to establish the jab. Things got interesting in the third round when Spence hit Garcia with a couple of body shots that staggered him. However, Garcia countered with a jab and an uppercut of his own that woke up Spence at the end of the round.

Spence's right hand was the key factor in the later rounds. Everytime Garcia would attempt to throw a jab, Spence hit him with a right hand. At the end of the sixth round, Garcia's face was starting to swell from the amount of hits he was taking to the face.

In the later rounds Spence's confidence started to grow and he started to take control of the fight. Spence was pushing the pace and was not allowing Garcia to set up anything up. He was constantly throwing body shots, hooks, and throwing the right jab to keep Garia from going inside.

Garcia made things a little interesting in the 10th round when he hit Spence with a left jab that staggered him. Garcia started to put together some combinations and looked refreshed in the last two rounds. Both fighters emptied the tank in the last round with body shots and left hooks.

The judges agreed in unanimous decision that Spence won the fight.

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