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Emma Radcanu wins her first US Open Championship

New York- Emma Radcanu defeats Leylah Fernandez in straight sets 6-4, 6-3.

For the 10th time in US Open Women's history two teenagers would be facing each other in a women's final. Leylah Annie Fernandez and Emma Raducanu overcame a lot of adversity in the tournament and won the hearts of Americans. This was a career moment for both of these young and talented players and they put on a show.

Fernandez looked a tad bit uneasy and stiff at the start of the match. She had a couple of unforced errors, which helped Raducanu win a couple of service points and Fernandez to dig herself out of a 2-0 hole early in the first set. Fernandez got herself back in the game by forcing Raducanu to hit much longer shots close to the baseline. She also mixed it up with a couple of volleys, backhand shots, and some incredible defensive shots in the fourth game of the first set to tie up the game.

Back and forth both of these players went. Each game it seemed like the intensity was building and none of the players built up an advantage against each time. Every time it seemed like Raducanu was going to break the game open, Fernandez would make a rally and win the game. Raducanu finished off the set with a W, 6-4.

Fernandez had to scratch and claw to get back into the second set in which she did. For the first time in the match, captured a 2-1 lead. Well, Raducanu up the intensity and had Fernandez playing out of her comfort level. Raducanu held off a late rally by Fernandez to win her first major.


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