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Eagles could not finish the Chargers off in the fourth quarter 27-24

Philadelphia- The Eagles could not pull out a win against the Chargers.

With Dallas losing to the Broncos, the Eagles had a chance to somehow get back in the division with making a run happen. However, they needed a win against the Chargers to make that potential run happen. After trailing 7-0, Jordan Howard got the Eagles on the board with a five-yard touchdown run to tie the game up at the start of the second quarter, 7-7. Midway in the quarter, Philadelphia's defense came up big on a fourth and one. They stopped the Chargers from converting the down, which was a confidence booster for the team. Philadelphia tacked on a field goal at the end of the half, to go in the locker room up 10-7.

After the Chargers tied the game up early in the third, the Eagles answered with a field goal. Things got a bit interesting in the fourth quarter. Both teams were going down the field and making the other teams' defense look like they could not figure out the offense. The Chargers scored a go-ahead touchdown with three minutes left in regulation to give the Eagles another loss on their record, 27-23.

Hurts finish 11 out of 17 for 162 yards and a touchdown. He also ran for 62 yards

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