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Eagles take Flight in Day 1 of training camp

Philadelphia- For the first time since the global pandemic happened, the Eagles opened up their training camp.

The excitement of the football season was in the air, as fans cheered on Jalen Hurts and crew during their practice. After a wild ending to a turmoil season with Carson Wentz taking his talents to Indianapolis and Doug Pederson getting fired, the Eagles are looking forward.

On the first day of training camp questions were asked about Zach Ertz and if he could be on the rooster by the end of training camp by members of the media. Eagles GM Howie Roseman answered those questions.

"Yeah, I think when you talk about the guys that are here and the kind of player that he is, and you think about our young skill position group, and having a Pro Bowl player like that on your roster who players can learn from, it's huge. It's huge for us. I think that, again, just really excited to have him here, and being out there today is huge for our football team as we get started," said Roseman.

Another big factor that fans, as well as media was concerned about was the amount of players that was vaccinated. Roseman and new head coach of the Eagles Nick Sirianni talked about updating their players on information on the vaccine, as well as let them know this is the way to keep everyone safe.

"The thing we've done is, like Howie just said, we've educated our guys on everything that has to do with it. We made a decision, obviously, that it's up to them whether they do that. Everything we focus on from there is football, right," said Sirianni.

"This is the kind of thing, like last year with all this information, you had to deal with COVID and the restrictions and everything like that. The best thing we found out is to educate, let everybody know what the rules are, everything like that, and then focus on what's going to win and lose you football games. That's the technique, that's the fundamentals, that's coming together, that's competing, the accountability, everything like that."

Outside of that, the players were just happy to get on the field and see fans in attendance.


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