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Eagles shocked by Seahawks 20-17

With the Cowboys losing to the Bills on Sunday, the Eagles were in the driver seat with winning the division. All they needed to do was get a W over Seattle, which would put a lot of pressure on Dallas.

For the most part, a less than 100% Jalen Hurts managed the game very well in the first half. He finished the half 9 out of 17 for 79 yards threw the air and ran for 35 yards on the ground, adding a touchdown late in the second quarter. You would think that the Eagles would dominate the game because they control the ball, but the Seahawks was sticking it out.

Coming out the locker room, the Eagles wanted to put more points on the board in the second hald to put the Seahawks out of thier misery. After Seattle scored a touchdown on their opening drive, Hurts and crew went down the field on a 12 play drive and responded with a one-yard touchdown"brotherly" push to go up 17-10.

Let's take it to the fourth. Hanging onto a four point lead, Philadelphia had a nice drive going until Hurts threw a crucial interception in the endzone with under eight minutes left in the game. The Eagles' defense let a game slip betwen their grasp. With under .50 seconds left, DK Metcalf had one heck of a catch to put the Seahawks in position for a go-ahead touchdown. Two plays later, the Eagles found themselves scratching their heads as the Seahawks scored a touched to pull off the upset


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