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Eagles' overcome adversity to take down the Colts 17-16

You would think the Philadelphia Eagles would come out the gate with guns blazing after a loss to Washington last weekend, but that was not the case against the Colts. Once again, Philly's offensive game plan was very vanilla with more plays on the ground than in the air. Jalen Hurts had a tough time getting the ball to his playmakers Devanta Smith and AJ Brown. It seemed like each time, both players had opportunities to make some type of play to help the Eagles out, a penalty would erase their good deeds.

Defensively, Philadelphia made big plays down the line to try to put their team in some type of position to potentially get the ball back with good field position. The Eagles made things fairly inserting late. After scoring a touchdown, the Eagles' urgency picked up. Down by six and marching down the field for a potential game winning score, the Eagles had to overcome a fourth and two to extend the drive in the redzone. A couple plays later Hurts called his number and ran for a five-yard touchdown to give the Eagles the lead for the first time in the game. That touchdown was what sealed the game and gave the Eagles a comeback victory.

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