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Eagles held in check by Patriots 35-0

Philadelphia- Eagles looked zombie like in a loss to the New England patriots.

In Week 2 of preseason, the Eagles faced the New England Patriots on Thursday Night Football. Everyone expected Jalen Hurts to get the start, but prior to the game, it was announced that he would be out of the line-up due to sickness. Joe Flacco got the start and it would start with hope and end in a nightmare.

On the Eagles first drive, Flacco would fumble the ball after trying to secure a snapped ball that went over his head. Three plays later, New England would score a touchdown. No offense was displayed after the turnover in the first quarter. Early in the second quarter the Eagles was in business. In the redzone, the birds looks like they could potential get a score, but the light of heaven went out the door. On a fourth and short, the Eagles went for it, but did not convert the down.

Frustration started to settle in late in the first half when the Patriots tacked on another score and Flacco threw his first interception of the day. Philadelphia walked into half with 105 yards of total offense and down 19-0. Flacco's day ended 10/17 for 83 yards and 1 interception.

In the second half, the Eagles continued to struggle with getting Mac Jones uncomfortable in the pocket. Jones was slinging the ball in some tight windows, which opened up the run game. Philadelphia tried everything to jump start some type of energy, but it just was not there. With under three minutes left in the third, the Eagles knew that the game was out of reach as the Patriots tacked on another touchdown to go up 32-0. Everything was cosmetic after that score.

Eagles went on to lose their second preseason game.


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