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Eagles HC talks about DeVonta Smith being a good spirit and embracing his role

Philadelphia- After getting DeVonta Smith in a steal in the NFL Draft, the Eagles are looking for him to be a huge factor in the upcoming season.

Smith, who won the Heisman award last year has a lot to prove to himself , as well as the NFL. For starters, Smith has to overcome being undersized at the wide receiver position. A lot of players, as well as fans makes the comparisons that Smiths reminds them of DeSean Jackson with his breaks and how fast he can fly down the field.

Smith has proven thus far in preseason play that he can get out of cuts on a dime and can make a small play into a huge ones. He brings a lot of personality and work ethic to the table and his head coach Nick Sirianni loves that he brings a lot to the table. However in a press conference earlier this week, when asked about Smith's bubbly personality, Sirianni said that everyone has a role including Smith.

"Yeah, you know, really – we just talked today about embracing our role on the team. What is your role, embrace your role and [WR] DeVonta [Smith] is going to have a big role on this team.

So, we talk about that all the time. So, we talked about the role today, that was one thing just with everybody. And then what are the things – other thing we talked about a lot with our team is, ‘What are the things that are going to prevent you from getting better every single day, said Sirianni.

"That's the goal at the end of the day, is just continue to make these gains of getting better every single day because that's going to lead you to where you want to be."

With that in mind,the Eagles have a lot of things that they need to clean up before their season opener against the Atlanta Falcons. It will be interesting to see how Smith will impact this team.

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