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Eagles get picked apart by Cowboys 41-21

Philadelphia- Eagles' offensive staggers against the Dallas Cowboys 41-21.

For the first time this season, the Eagles had to face a divisional opponent in the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football. The intensity and the trash-talk between the teams and fans prior to the game was at an all time high. After scoring a defensive touchdown early in the first, the Eagles' offense was very bland and obvious. Philadelphia tried a little RPO action, which did not really get Dallas on their heels. Nothing seemed to be working offensively for the Eagles in the first half. They finished with 121 total yards

Defensively, the Eagles could not get Dallas off the field on third down conversions, stopping the run, and putting pressure on Dak Prescott. At the end of the half, the Eagles walked into the locker with their heads' down and confidence low, trying to dig themselves out of a 20-7 grave.

The nightmare continued for the Eagles in the second half. Hurts threw a pick six to Dallas to open the third quarter. It seemed liked the Eagles' offense line could not stop the speedy lineman of Dallas. Hurts was running for his life each down and trying to spark some type of energy with his team. Philadelphia finally got an offensive touchdown late in the third to try to put fear in Dallas, 27-14.

Eagles' defense just could not out wit or put any pressure on Prescott and he was just having fun in the pocket torching their secondary. The Eagles went onto lose in a blowout.


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