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  • Phil Jones

Dr. Fauci recommends booster shot as new variant spreads around the U.S.

Today the Covid-19 response team that consists of Dr. Fauci, CDC director Dr. Walensky and Jeff Zients discussed with the press today an update on the Omicron variant. The variant has

now been reported in 50 countries and now currently in 19 states here in the US. The CDC staff

is taking the necessary steps with their investigation team, reaching out to local and state

officials to address these reported cases in a swift manner. For any technical support for

exposure information CDC staff will be available 24/7 as they have been the entire pandemic.

The CDC has collaborated with 25 jurisdictions for any reported cases of the Omicron

variant dating back towards the end of November and the first week of December. The Covid-19

response team urges that citizens get vaccinated and the booster shot. The infection rate is

higher than the delta variant, the steps taken in dealing with the delta variant will be made as well when handling the Omicron. The team will make sure that laboratories have live viruses to help create a stronger vaccine to help battle the Omicron variant. Dr. Fauci stated that the Omincron. Variant may have strong transmissible rates and these are one the key unknowns to this virus.

Please get vaccinated to reduce your chances of getting full on symptoms to either the Delta or

the Omicron variant.

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