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  • Alex Seccia

Dolphins proved that they could hang with the Bills' offense after scrapping out a W

After a shift in AFC east, the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins have made great strides the past few years in revamping their perspective teams with young promising talent. With the AFC east projected to be the Bills division going forward, the Dolphins are not to be slept on. With their apparent franchise QB coming off a career game and a scary dual threat receiving pair in Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle this matchup was screaming a high scoring affair.

However, to what have may have been a surprise to many fans and betters, the game was close and tightly contested. Buffalo being led by Josh Allen started off hard and strong with Allen going 6 for 6 using his mobility to get the ball downfield on a big play to Stefon Diggs, while being able to dump it fast to his back in Devin Singletary. Finding themselves facing a 4th and goal, the Bills elect to go for it, while facing pressure consistently, Josh Allen was able to find and dump the ball off to Singletary in the flat for the first score of the game.

Following the score Miami flips the script on Buffalo by taking advantage of a strip sack on Josh Allen. Crunching the ball just inches from the goal line the Dolphins give the ball to their tailback Chase Edmunds for the one-yard touchdown rush.

The aggressiveness would continue as Josh Allen would drive his team yet again down the field for their second straight score. The drive entailed yet another fourth down conversion with Josh Allen using his legs to escape pressure and find the open field to get across then markers. Following his conversion, he would hook up with Isiah McKenzie which would put them in a goal situation that set up the 3rd down touchdown going right back to McKenzie. With a Bills score doesn’t necessarily mean a loss of momentum for the Dolphins, as Tua finds his young receiver River Cracraft for the second straight week in the endzone to tie it back up.

With the score being tied and just 2:20 left to go in the half, linebacker Matt Milano gets flagged for roughing the passer on a play that would leave Tua struggling to stay on his feet. Tua who tried to shake off the hit would attempt to make his way to the huddle but not before stumbling to the ground. The medical team would walk Tua back to the locker room as veteran quarterback Teddy Bridgewater would now be the taking the snaps.

The injury wouldn’t keep the young QB down as he took back control of his team following halftime. Tua who left the game tied would come back to the same score. The score would remain tied from 6:45 in the second quarter all the down to 3:40 left in the third quarter. That’s 18 minutes and 5 seconds of a defensive battle between two high powered offenses. The game would continue to be tightly fixed as the Bills would only go to tack on 2 more points while the Dolphins added seven more were they would finish the game 21-19.

In a surprising turnout where the favored and unbeaten Bills took on the unbeaten Dolphins in what was expected to be a shootout and a perhaps a victory for the Bills became a defensive victory for the Dolphins. The AFC east has been dominated the past two decades by the Patriots. The Bills as of lately looked to be the team to take the torch upon Brady’s departure. Yet despite the injuries the Dolphins stick it out for the victory to remain one of the few undefeated teams standing. Is it too soon to think about a surprise divisional victor?

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