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Dodgers' offense wakes up in second game against Nats 9-5

Los Angeles- The Dodgers' offense came to life, as they defeated the Washington Nationals on Saturday 9-5.

LA's offense started to come to life after Zach McKinstry hit a two run single, as well as Chris Taylor, who hit a three run homer in the second inning. Justin Turner hit a RBI double in the fifth to make it a 6-1 game.

The Nats tried to close in the deficit with some scores of their own in the sixth. Washington cut the Dodger's lead to three, but in the seventh AJ Pollock hit a ball to the right field, which brought in three more runners to basically end the game, 9-3. The Nats finished the night with two more scores in the ninth, but the Dodgers were happy with how they started and finish the game.

"It goes to show that this organization has a ton of talent just waiting in the wings. One through nine, it doesn’t matter who’s up, we have all the confidence in them. As a team, we’re just trying to put good at-bats together and pass the baton to the next guy", said Chris Taylor.

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