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Dodgers' nine game win streak comes to an end

Los- Angeles- Dodgers made a late run in the 8th inning, only to be beaten by a homerun by Miami Marlins Jorge Alfaro in the ninth, 5-4.

The dodgers seemed to take this game too lightly, keeping All-Stars Mookie Betts, Max Muncy and Cody Bellinger out of the lineup. All three came in to pinch-hit in the eighth. This allowed the Dodgers to tie the score 4-4. One could make an argument that if they were in the lineup the entire game, the score would be different.

Throughout the game the Dodgers had eight hits and a lot of men stranded like survivor on base. This was one of their main issues during the losing streak. Allowing this to happen tends to take a toll on the team. “We definitely had a lot of opportunities to win that game, not our best baseball tonight but hopefully tomorrow we can start fresh and start a new winning streak." Dodgers Chris Taylor stated after the game.

Dodgers pitcher Walker Buehler went into this game as the ace. Buehler allowed four runs and struck out six of the Marlins in five innings. Buehler has been the Dodgers ace pitcher for the season, going 8-1 with 107 strikeouts over this season.

Next up for the Dodgers, pitcher Tony Gonsolin (1-0) will face off against Marlins Pablo Lopez (4-5).

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