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Dodgers clinch NL's West Title, 8th consecutive divisional title

Los Angeles- The Los Angeles Dodgers clinched a top seed in the the NL West and won their eighth consecutive divisional title.

After defeating the Oakland Athletics 7-2 on the Tuesday, the Dodgers did not only win their eight divisional title, but made history as well. Los Angeles becomes the third team to win eight or more consecutive titles joining the the Atlanta Braves (14) and New York Yankees (9).

The Dodgers know that winning the divisional title is a huge accomplishment, but they are eyeing the hardware for their hard work. "To fast-forward a couple months and be crowned NL West champs is a credit to everyone. It should never be taken for granted,'' Roberts said. "Truth be told, a lot of guys didn't know we could clinch. We were responsible, but I let it know that it has to be appreciated.''

It has been an usual year for everyone with the pandemic going on and it was uncertain that the MLB will continue their season after certain teams had players or staff testing positive for COVID 19. The MLB has prohibited champagne showers to celebrate, so the Dodgers just relished in the moment and was thankful for what they had accomplished.

The Dodgers will start their playoff run on September. 30 and will face the eighth seed in a best of three series.

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