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Dodgers celebrate Jackie Robinson day with a moral victory over the Rockies 7-5

Los Angeles- The Dodgers defeated the Colorado Rockies 7-5, as they remembered what Jackie Robinson meant to MLB.

Prior to the game, the Dodgers honored and recognized what Robinson meant to not just MLB, but the culture that started a movement. Robinson broke the barriers of becoming the first African American to play in the majors. At that time, integration was frowned upon and racial tension was at its peak.

Robinson did not let the outside noise hinder him. He went out there and became one of the best hitters that baseball has ever saw. Outside of breaking the color barrier in the MLB, Robinson gave back to his community, not just with money, but hope that America could change.

On Thursday, everyone around the league honored Robinson with a 42 logo patch on their jerseys and said some encouraging words about the day.

When it was time to play ball, the Dodgers had to dig themselves out of a 2-0, until the third. Justin Turner hit a three run home run, which started the hitting spree for the Dodgers. The Rockies made it interesting in the sixth, as they brought in two more scores to retake the lead


Max Muncy smashed a three run homer in the seventh, as well as Will Smith stretching and scoring on a botched play by the Rockies to go up 7-5. In the last two innings, the Dodgers did not allow the Rookies to score and went on to win the game.

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