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DJ Cassidy will be passing the mic to legendary singers in his Mother's Day Special

Los Angeles- DJ Cassidy will break his tradition and allow iconic singers to perform during the Pass The Mic: Mother's Day Edition.

DJ Cassidy has decided to switch it up and allow singers such as Patti LaBelle, Johnny Gill, and other surprise performers to perform during the Mother's Day Special. “This special was designed to make you feel good. It was crafted to send chills down your spine, put goosebumps on your arms, and fill your heart with warmth,” said DJ Cassidy. “The artists and songs I’ve assembled for this show exude love, light, and inspiration, and together, we will uplift all those who take part in the celebration. This edition of ‘Pass Of Mic’ is dedicated to all the mothers and women around the world who make our world go round.”

The Mother's day special will air on BET Networks May 9th at 9 PM, ET.

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