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Diddy will receive Global Icon Award at the VMA's

Sean "Diddy" Combs have accomplished a lot in his very long career and the VMA's have decided to recognize his legacy, as well as his accomplishments this year.

"As a cultural icon, innovator, and mogul, Diddy's influence on the music industry is unrivaled. With an historic catalog of hit records and a track record of shaping the sounds of superstars, he returns to his R&B roots as an Executive Producer and Curator ofThe Love Album: Off the Grid."

Outside of the VMA's honoring him, he has been nominated in four categories this year and as he stated he is not stopping. Diddy has inspired the culture by being his own boss, an entrepreneur, discovering and shinning the light on unique artists that other companies would have passed on and showing the world that you can achieve your goals if you are hungry and motivated to do it.

After the VMA's honor this icon, Diddy will actually have a unique performance. This would be his first performance since 2005. The VMA's will be broadcasted live September 12 at 8 PM, ET

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