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Deontay Wilder Voices How He Feels About The Injustice in America In a Powerful Video

Former Heavyweight boxing champion Deontay Wilder has always voiced his opinion about social injustice in America. Around the globe, many voices are being heard through the Black Lives Matter Movement, as well as communities coming together to express their thoughts on police brutality, racism, and discrimination between different skin complexions and cultures.

In 2018, Wilder went on a tangent during an interview with a reporter about the comparisons between how he is viewed and how society views Tyson Fury. Wilder was very passionate and was teaching others in the room about how society views a black man. After the rant went viral, a lot of individuals have expressed gratitude that Wilder is using his platform to teach and educate people about the social injustice in the world that he and others go through daily. “I cannot even watch the news, do we deserve it? What have we done to people?” Wilder asked after his press conference. “People see (racism) every day, but are blind to it. It’s still going on today and people say, 'Why are they so mad?' If it happened to you or your culture then you would understand, but people stick to their own naive way."

Fast forward to the year 2020 where African Americans are getting killed by law enforcement and nothing is happening to change the system that is broken.

Check out Wilder's impactful video!

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