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Dallas didn't get the sweep as the T-Wolves force another game 105-100

The Mavericks had a chance to return to the NBA Finals with a swift sweep of a broom against the Timberwolves. All they had to do was continue to play at their place and let their superstars' clock in and put in the work. Just like Game 5, the Mavericks had to dig themselves out of a double-digit hole. It started with Luka Magic drilling long balls and the defensive pounding they put on Anthony Edwards and Big KAT. By the end of the half, the Mavs went on a 15-7 run to close out the quarter in a tied game.

With Ant Man, Big Kat, and Rudy Gobert combing for nine fouls, the Mavs wanted to push the pace a bit faster in the second half. Turnovers haunted Dallas in the third. They had five turnovers that turned everything around for the T-Wolves. Each time Dallas would throw a punch Minnesota would counter and make a run of their own. Golbert was getting picked on in the fourth, as he struggled to guard the pick and roll; each time Luka drove to the rim, he will tell his teammates to roll hard, which was an advantage for Dallas.

In a shocking twist of this game, Dallas slacked and sagged off of BIG KAT late in the game and he hit two consecutive three-point shots to put the Wolves up five with under five minutes left in regulation Before those big threes, Big Kat was a little silent from rainbow land. With only 10. 5 seconds left in the game, the T-Wolves hit a crucial shot to go up five and eventually forced another game.


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