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D-Backs have pressure on them to extend the series after losing Game 4, 11-7

This series between the Diamondbacks and the Rangers have been an up and down series for both teams, but for fans it has been fun to watch. Going into Game 4, the D-Backs knew that they needed their offense to get rolling, because they did not want to head out of the ballpark. Down 3-1.

Right before the first pitch, it was announced that the Rangers would be without Adolis Garcia and Max Scherzer for the rest of the World Series, because of injuries and that was a huge blow to the Rangers. Who would have thought without Garcia and Scherzer that Arizona would be in a hole early on? Arizona allowed ten runs in the third inning and had a three-pitcher rotation, trying to figure out how to stop the Rangers offense. The game was over just as it started. Arizona attempted to find some type of rhythm and get in sync, but the damage was done early on as Arizona would have to win tomorrow in order to extend the series.

Despite the loss, the D-Backs liked the fact that they did not quit on themselves and got some offense flowing late in innings. They know that all the pressure will be on them as they will try to force a Game 6.

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