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Cowboys will allow fans in stadium, but there will be some requirements

Dallas- The Cowboys have decided to let fans attend home games, but there will be some restrictions.

Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones stated in a virtual press conference that he wanted fans to attend, but they will be required to wear face masks, practice social distancing, fans will be prohibited to gather in large groups during tailgates, and payment for tickets or food will be cashless. Fans will have to use credit cards, as a form of payment. "The Dallas Cowboys plan on playing football, and we plan on playing in front of our fans," Jones said. "I think it's important. I think it's important individually. I think it's important for the country."

Jones respects that the fans will have good judgment when attending home games."The people that will be there will be there of their own volition," Jones said. "Our fans will be in the stadium because they've chosen to be there. As we ourselves have. I'm confident we have a very educated situation and our fans can come and have a great experience." 

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