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Cowboys continue their hot streak, defeating the Seahawks 41-35

Dak Prescott has been making his rounds to a potential candidate MVP award with his outstanding play the last couple of games. Prescott has had 17 touchdowns in the last five games With the Seahawks coming into town, Dallas wanted to show the world that they could get a win over a team that was over .500.

Prescott continued his hot touchdown streak as he threw two touchdowns in the first half. It looked like Dallas was going to run Seattle out of their city, but Geno Smith was not going to allow that. Smith got his team back in the game with a late touchdown to draw some sweat on the Cowboys' forehead at the end of the break to go up 21-20.

Going into the second half, Dallas wanted to cut down on bonehead mistakes and put more pressure on Smith and their receiving core. Welp, mistakes from both teams were the curse of the two quarters. It seemed like every play, the refs were throwing a flag for some type penalty. Outside of crucial penalties, the Cowboys did not take advantage of a pick that their defense grabbed off of Smith, as well as great field position.

Down by five with under five minutes left in regulation, Prescott threw a touchdown to help the Cowboys retake the lead. All they needed to do was have a defensive stop and stop the Seahawks from kicking a field goal to tie the game up or scoring a touchdown to win the game. Dallas finally got some pressure on Smith and forced Smith to throw an incomplete pass on fourth down to take down the Seahawks. Prescott finished with 299 yards and 3 touchdowns

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