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Country Music Association has partnered up with Touring Partner Professionals Alliance

Nashville- The Country Music Association and Touring Partner Professionals Alliance will help crew members, who are suffering during the pandemic.

Touring Partner Professionals Alliance is a non-profit organization that helps crew members working in the music industry. They have decided to team up with the CMA to provided assistance to crew members with food. CMA will help fund the expansion of the Touring Professionals Alliance Kitchen Program. The program offers meals to live music professionals within the music community.

“Live music touring professionals are like family members to us, and we are honored to partner with the Touring Professionals Alliance to contribute to their efforts,” says Sarah Trahern, CMA Chief Executive Officer. “The aid provided through the Touring Professionals Alliance Kitchen goes so much deeper than simply offering meals to industry professionals in need—TPA has created an environment for our friends to come together for a brief moment of relief in what has been an incredibly difficult year.”

“COVID devastated the live music touring industry and put thousands of professionals out of work almost overnight. The Touring Professionals Alliance came together to aid our work families who are struggling,” says Jerome Crooks, Touring Professionals Alliance Co-Founder and tour manager for bands such as NIN, Tool and Soundgarden. “We are beyond grateful to the CMA for their generous donation of funds and resources that allow us to provide a measure of relief to help our brothers and sisters in need."


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