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Conor McGregor has stated that he is motivated in his fight against Dustin Poirier

New York- The start of UFC's new slate of fights starts with a re-match between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier.

Coming into the match, McGregor was slightly the favorite to win the match, but a lot of critics wonder what Mcgregor would they see. In recent years, McGregor has not had that look of hunger in his eyes. He has battled what some may call being in the spotlight. McGregor has retired twice, been arrested for certain issues outside of the octagon, and just does not look motivated to fight.

However, after talking with President of UFC Dana White McGregor decided to shake things up and return for the third time. McGregor took out Poirier in minutes in 2014 and feels super confident that he will beat out the time he finished Poirier.

“I have plenty of motivation,” McGregor said. “Dustin is a hell of a competitor. What does the champ-champ do? He does it twice. OK, I conquered it. Let’s conquer it again. Do it twice. That’s what the champ-champ does.”

Mcgregor wants to be on top of the world and first and foremost he has to defeat Poirier in order to continue that journey.

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