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Colorado upsets TCU 45-42

Colorado had a lot of positive hype as well as constructive criticism that they faced prior to their first game of the season, going against TCU. The organization brought in NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders as well as an entirely different look of players through the transfer portal. Some former players that played last season for the team did not like Sander's approach to their new offense and decided to leave the program.

Coach Sanders had to take all of these hits in order to get the program into the right direction that he wanted it to be in. Now, today, this small-town team will have their work cut out for them as they face a motivated team in TCU, that is coming back from a beat down in the National Championship. TCU will be a bit different without their star quarterback, who was drafted to the NFL and will have a very young offensive line. It will be very interesting to see what team the first team will be to throw the first shot and play more of the predator than prey type of aspect.

Colorado had a lot to prove it and it showed in the first half of the game. Shedeur Sanders came out the game on fire. He marched his team down the field and scored the first touchdown of the day to Dylan Edwards. Colorado tacked another touchdown at the nine-minute mark of the second quarter to go up 14-7 on TCU. While the offense was ramped up, the Buffaloes' defense did a good job containing TCU's offense. They forced the Horned Frogs in a lot of third and long conversions and put a lot of pressure on Chandler Morris until the last three minutes of the half.

Colorado had a crucial fumble, which turned into a touchdown for TCU, but came right back and hit a field goal at the end of the half to go up 17-14.

Coming out of the half, Colorado was going for the kill. Edwards hit the speed button and went on a 75-yard speed burst to score and extend their lead. The offense picked up for both teams as a good shootout was happening. Down by four with under eight minutes in left in regulation, Sanders hit Sy'veon Wilkerson for his third touchdown of the night, which put Colorado up by four. The next few minutes of this football game was wild.

TCU capitalized off a 60-yard kick return and punched it in the endzone to retake the lead. Once again, Colorado had to deal with some adversity and some luck of the Irish. Just like their first touchdown of the day, Sanders hit Edwards on a slant play and Edwards did the rest, as he busted for another 40 + touchdown run 45-42. That was the game and just liked that Colorado proved everyone wrong. Saunders finished with 510 yards, 4 touchdowns, and 32 rushing yards on the ground.

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