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Coco Gauff will release her own signature shoe Coco CG1 August 26

Los Angeles- Rising tennis star Coco Gauff has taken her talents into branding and marketing her own signature shoe.

Recently, Gauff and New Balance agreed to come together and not just sell the story of a shoe,but to to actually motivate others. Gauff is only 18 years old, but has risen in the ranks of the tennis world after beating Venus Williams two years ago. She had to endure a lot of criticism and obstacles, but she is now ranked in the top 15 of women tennis players active in the world.

Outside of tennis, Gauff uses her platforms to talk about topics that matter to her, being creative with marketing her brand, and now promoting her own signature shoe Coco CG1.

. Gauff was pretty excited to announce when her signature shoe was going to be released and thanked New Balance for the collaboration. y. “The entire team at New Balance, from design to marketing, truly cares about me as a person and not just an athlete and that relationship allows us to create the Coco CG1,

Gauff is the only active player with her own signature tennis show

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