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Coco Gauff continues to shine in French Open

Seattle- Coco Gauff defeated Wang Quiang 6-3, 7(7) 6(1) in the second round of the French Open.

Coming off a first round doubles' victory, critics may have thought that Gauff would be tired or would not have a great game against Quiang, but she proved them wrong. Gauff did not miss a beat in the first set. She was very aggressive with making Quiang chase down her shots and kept the ball in play more on the baseline. At one point in time, Gauff was winning 60% of her first serves. Gauff finished the first set in dominate fashion, 6-3.

However in the second set, mistakes by Gauff kept the game really close. Gauff had a couple of forced errors and it seemed like she was thinking in her head too much. She was not getting much on her backhand shots and overshot a couple of balls that she needed to keep in play. The set went down into a do or die situation for Quiang, but Gauff once again proved that she could handle adversity and went on to advance to round 16 of play.

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