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Coco Gauff Breaks Top 50 ranking list

New York- Coco Gauff breaks career ranking, as she slides into 47th in the world.

The young 16-year old has made her mark being ranked in the top 50 as of Monday. Gauff continues to excel, despite her age. This is the second time that Gauff has broken into the Top 50 in her career.

Before the pandemic hit, Gauff was making a lot of noise with getting deep into major tournaments, but when the tournaments restarted Gauff was off her game. She struggled with finding her forehand and was making a lot of unforced errors. However, last week in the Italian Open Gauff played extremely well against Aryna Sabalenka. Gauff pushed Sablenka to a sudden death match in the third set and almost pulled off the upset.

Gauff is still getting her feet back, but what a way to bounce back from how she has played since the restart of tennis.

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