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Coca Gauff stuns #9 Johanna Konta at the French open

Seattle- Coca Gauff shocks #9 Johanna Konta in the first round of the French Open and gets the W in straight sets, 6-3, 6-3

Coca Gauff was very aggressive with taking risks against Johanna Konta. Gauff was making Konta run with some cross shots and off balanced backhands. Konta is usually comfortable with making her opponents stay true in the middle of the court or at times the left side of the court. Guff was winning her first serves at 77% and won the first set of the game 6-3.

In the second set, Gauff had to dig herself out of two games in the set. Gauff had a couple of unforced errors that gave Konta confidence. Konta was getting into Gauff's head with some of those forehand shots that she was sending with a lot of speed on them. Gauff got herself back in the game by going back to the basis and hitting some clean backhand shots and mixing it up a bit. Once she grabbed the lead, Gauff never looked back and won the second set 6-3.

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