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Clippers get the W over Portland in their second preseason game

Los Angeles- The Claw is back and finished with 11 points in his return to the floor

It has been some time that Kawhi Leonard and Paul George played together, since both of them had some sort of injury that kept them out of the line-up. In a preseason match up against the Portland Trailblazers, fans got to see both George and Leonard on the floor, as well as John Wall, who was acquired this off-season.

With the help of PG 13 and Leonard scoring efficiently, LA got off to a quick start, which helped the Clippers build a double-digit lead against the Trailblazers. Pinpoint passing and mid-range shots were the keys with maintaining their lead until Portland went on a 10-3 run to cut the Clippers' lead to 8. LA finished the first half, shooting lights out, scoring around 42% and had a 52-44 lead. Wall, Leonard, and George combined for 28 points as they finished the night

The second half was a bit different than the previous half. The pace of the game slowed up for the Clippers as they went ice cold. They went from shooting 42% to a whooping 35% and couldn't buy a bucket to save their lives. Things got a little bit crazy in the last minutes of regulation. LA went on a 10-6 run and took the hearts of the Blazers with a steal with .10 seconds left in regulation. LA went onto win 102-97.

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