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Clippers get the w over the Lakers 103-97

Los Angeles-Kawhi Leonard hit a late three to hold off the Lakers.

Bringing in John Wall and having Paul George and a healthy Kawhi Leonard coming off the bench, the Clippers look like they were ready to take on a Lakers' team that haven't really found their identity yet. The Clips jumped out to a double-digit lead early on, but LeBron James and the pesky Lakers bullied their way back in the game to make it somewhat of a competitive game. LA saw their lead evaporated and was tied at 56 at the half.

Between Wall and PG 13, the Clips went right back to work and built another double digit. Everything was good, until PG 13 captured his fourth foul, which made him play a little conservative than he usually plays. Walking into the fourth quarter, the Clippers were shooting around 50% from the field and scored 26 points in the paint, holding onto an eight-point lead.

Welp, the Clippers were in a dog fight with the Lakers in the fourth quarter. They allowed the Lakers to gain confidence as well as get easy baskets mid-way in the quarter. At the seven-minute mark, the Clips actually trailed for the first time in the game. With only a minute left in regulation, up four, Leornard hit a three-pointer to put the game on ice.

PG finished with 15 and Leonard finished with 14

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