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Chargers picked up DL Chris Okoye and CB KJ Sails, adding depth to their defense

Los Angeles- The Chargers needed a little bit more depth of the defensive side of the ball, so they decided to sign defensive lineman Chris Okoye and cornerback KJ Sails.

Last season, the Chargers struggled on the defensive side of the ball and was ranked 23rd in the league. Even though they had one of the most exciting storylines with Justin Herbert getting Rookie of the Year after an outstanding season, the Chargers still needed to improve on the defensive side of the ball.

On Saturday, the Chargers signed Okoye and Sails. Both players was very excited with the opportunity to prove themselves to the Chargers' organization and was eager when they found out the news. The Chargers felt like Okoye and Sails could potentially be the players that can help out out the young defense. Los Angeles liked that Okoye has good technique and is willing to learn, while Sails has a skill of understanding the lango of the Chargers' defense.

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