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Carson Wentz has a lot to prove with new team

As the Washington Commanders opened up their training camp this week with so many questions surrounding the organization, their biggest concern was making sure that Carson Wentz is ready for the upcoming season.

After Ryan Fitzpatrick retired, Washington was without a quarterback until they decided to take a risk on Carson Wentz, who was traded from the Colts to them. Wentz's stock has decreased since the 2018 year where helped the Philadelphia Eagles get into position to go deep into the playoffs, before he was injured. An unknown hero finished what Wentz started and helped Philadelphia win their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

Two years later, Wentz looked like a quarterback that was trying to hard and people noticed it very quickly. He was taking unnecessary hits and sacks, not reading the defense well, and was in the top five category of turning the ball over. Frustration settled in with Wentz and the Eagles organization to the point that Wentz wanted out. He got his wish. The Eagles traded him to the Colts, who were excited to have some young blood talent after Phillip Rivers decided to retire.

The Colts were excited when they got Wentz, but all of the excitement faded when Wentz was injured in Week 2 of the NFL season with an ankle injury. He battled through that injury,but injured his other ankle. It seemed like Wentz would be sidelined because of those injuries, but he fought through it. The Colts finished the season 9-8 and did not make the playoffs.

The Colts decided that the Wentz project was a failed one and traded him. Now, Wentz is looking at his third team in the last three years and his window of being a starter is closing very quickly. Washington is hoping that they can get a healthy Wentz that can help this team become the talk of the town in a positive manner.When healthy, Wentz is a good quarterback that can extend plays with his legs, as well as throw the long ball on his back foot, which is very exceptional.

The problem that Wentz needs to be aware of is his inability to remain healthy for a full season.If he can play majority of the season and look like that 2018 Wentz that fans loved, he could really help Washington climb in that conversation of being in the playoff picture late in the second half. He has the tools with a young ad hungry team, so it will be interesting to see if this is a perfect fit for Washington.

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