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Carolina gets their QB to kick off the 2023 NFL Draft

NFL excitement was recognized and highlighted on Thursday, because the 2023 NFL finally arrived and fans were excited about the topics surrounding the big night A lot of fans, as well as members of media wanted to know who the Panthers were going to draft with their first pick.

This organization has lost a lot of key players, coaches and haven't really had that competitive spirit that the Panthers desperately desire. After the Bears gave up their pick, Caolina was in the driver seat to potentially draft a QB. There was a lot of talk about the Panthers interest in QB Bryce Young. Young is a very versatile QB. He can use his legs to extend plays, throw the long ball, as well as deliver dicey back shoulder passes, but his height was the problem. Young comes into the league being 5 ft and 10 inches weighing 180 pounds. We have seen short QB's get the job done, winning a Super Bowl but would Young be their QB.

After all the "insightful' information of who the Panthers were going to pick, Carolina got right down to business to kick off the draft and drafted Young. There wasn't any surprise that the Panthers went after Young.

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