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Can Max Duggan make an impact for TCU like he did last season

Last season, TCU had one heck of a year. They finished 6-4 and was 5-4 in their conference. This season, the Horned Frogs wants to make a statement in their conference that they are the team to beat.

Sophomore QB Max Duggan put the world on notice last season with his outstanding year. For the first time since 1950, TCU had a QB that was leading the team in rushing. Duggan ran for 526 yards. Outside of his mobile ability, Duggan showed that he can be a leader the team needs when they are facing adversity.

When Duggan is on the field, he provides a spark for TCU. He is very ambitious with learning all that he can, holds himself and his team accountable, and is passionate about the game. This season, he knows he has to continue to grow with the expectations that he has given this offense.

On the defensive side, TCU has to be discipline late in games. Last year, there were a couple of games that got away from TCU, because their defense fell asleep and their opponents' cashed in on their mistakes. The Horned Frogs knows what they can do to improve those mistakes and potentially earn themselves a bowl appearance.

TCU will open their season against Duquesne Sept.4.

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