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Bucs lose key players in shutout loss to Saints 9-0

Tampa Bay- The Bucs lost Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Leonard Fournette in a

With only a handful of games left in the season and the Packers winning their game against the Ravens, the Bucs needed to get a win against the Saints to stay in the chase for home field advantage. With a QB that had a splint on his finger and a coach that was out, due to Covid-19, it was apparent that the Bucs were the favorite to win the game.

Surprisingly, Tampa's offense struggled to get anything productive going early on. Tom Brady was hassled a lot and struggled to get the ball out of his hands on time. Outside of the Saints' pressure, Tampa Bay key players were dropping balls, which is very uncharacteristic with this explosive group. At the start of the second, the Bucs lost Chris Godwin to a leg injury for the remainder of the half. Things was not looking good for the Bucs, as they missed a field goal mid-way in the quarter and lost Mike Evans to a hamstring injury. Despite the nightmare of a half, Tampa walked into the break down 6-0.

Things did not go as planned for the Bucs in the third quarter. They lost Leonard Fournette to a hamstring injury and had to depend on the younger players to get the job done. Little to no offense was displayed, as both teams struggled offensively until the fourth quarter. Tampa allowed the Saints to tack on a field goal to go up 9-0 midway in the quarter. With one gasp of life, the Bucs went for it on a fourth and short at their own nine-yard line. They converted the down. A couple plays later,Brady threw a pick, which sealed the fate for the Bucs.

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