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BTS continues to break barriers in the music industry

Los Angeles- The young sensation pop group BTS continues to excel and break barriers in America.

BTS became the first Korean group to have their own Unplugged special. Since the group can not tour, because of the pandemic, they wanted their fans to have an unique experience. The group performed some of their hits and talked about what inspired them to write the songs.

One of the members spoke about why Telepathy was a song close to the group's heart. "We’re in a situation where we can’t meet our fans around the world in person due to COVID-19, so the song’s lyrics describes our current situation of temporarily being apart from each other," said Suga.I had to work on our album BE, and while I was listening to some older demos I came across this and thought, ‘This could be good!’ I finished writing the lyrics on the spot, turned it in, and it made it to the album.

The group talked about songs that fans can enjoy, as well as their new album. The special aired on Tuesday, but you can check out a clip of their song Life Moves On, down below.

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