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Browns wipe the Giants 20-6

Cleveland, OH- For the first time since 2002, the Browns have won 10 games and have a playoff spot waiting for them after beating the New York Giants, 20-6.

Baker Mayfield is starting to hit his stride and the potential of being most improved this season. On Sunday, he torched the Giants' secondary. Mayfield threw two touchdowns and finished with 297 yards through the air. There were a couple of throws that were slung in some very tight windows.

After the game, Mayfield's teammates praised him. "He plays at a high level and always has," receiver said Jarvis Landry. "I keep saying that for us to get where we want to go and for us to win these games, it all starts there. He is a big part of everything that we are trying to do. He is playing lights out."

With the win over New York, the Browns are sitting in the sixth seed with a 10-4 record in the AFC.


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