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Browns' season ends in a blowout to Houston 45-14

Whoever thought that the Cleveland Browns was going to the playoffs, after Deshaun Watson had season ending injuries, should get a huge prize. After Cleveland decided to pick up Super Bowl Champion Joe Flacco off his couch, the Browns found a way to be a playoff contender. Flacco's comeback is one of the Cinderella stories of the NFL season. With a chance to continue their win streak and advanced to the next round of the Playoffs, they needed to find a way to beat the overachievers in the Houston Texans.

For the most part, the Browns' offense started off pretty slow until Flacco threw a 45-yard bomb to David Njoku to put them until the redzone late in the first quarter. A few plays later, Kareem Hunt punched the ball in endzone with a one-yard TD run. With that touchdown, you would think their defense would be hype and not allow Houston to push them down the field, but that was not the case. Houston scored a quick TD in five plays to finish out the quarter, 10-7. I guess the defense for the Browns forgot that they were supposed to stop Houston from scoring, because the Texans were going up and down the field, having a field day with big plays, and turning short drives into points. Cleveland walked into the half down 24-14.

Browns HC Kevin Stefanski was not happy about his defense and how they allowed big plays down the field. Heading into the second half, he wanted his team to put pressure on CJ Stroud and minimize big plays that could hurt them. Things turned from bad to darn right worse as Flacco threw an 86-yard interception that ended in pick six and a 46 pick six in back-to-back possessions to basically ice the Browns' season. What a comeback season for Flacco and he finished the game 34 out of 46 for 308 yards, 1 td, and 2 picks.

Stroud became the youngest QB in NFL history to win a playoff game. He finished 16 out of 21 for 274 yards and 3 td's.


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