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Browns Cinderella story has concluded, after the Chiefs defeated Cleveland 22-17

Cleveland- Despite a late second half comeback, Cleveland falls short against the Chiefs.

With the Browns shocking the Steelers last weekend in the Wildcard match-up, Cleveland was flying on an energy high. However, Cleveland knew that they had to play to perfection in the next round against the Kansas City Chiefs to pull off the upset across the world.

Being down six early in the first quarter, Cleveland started to get their offense rolling with a mixture of passing and running plays. Baker Mayfield threw a couple of first down passes, as well as ran for a third and five to put the Browns in field goal position on their opening drive. Cody Parkey hit a 46-yard field goal to cut the Chiefs to three, 6-3.

Dropped passes haunted the Browns in the second quarter. Nick Chubb had dropped three passes that had potential to go for huge gains down the field. The offense stalled, which was not good for the Browns' defense. The Browns' secondary was getting hammered by the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes and crew had over 15 first downs in the half.

The nightmare for the Browns continued, as they had a chance to score a touchdown before the end of the half, but Cleveland fumbled the ball in the endzone, which was called a touchback by the refs. At the end of the half, the Browns dug themselves in a 19-3 hole.

At the started of the second half, Mayfield threw an interception to the Chiefs, which could have opened up the game a bit, if Harrison Butker would have nailed a 33-yard field goal. Butker's kick hit the goal post, which gave Cleveland a little bit of life. Hard running by Chubb and and a couple of lightning strikes by Mayfield got the Browns in the redzone. Baker hit Jarvis Landry for a three-yard touchdown pass to chip at the Chiefs lead, 19-10.

Kareem Hunt punched the ball in the endzone at the start of the fourth to make the game very intriguing, 22-17. One of the key factors that turned the momentum towards Cleveland was Mahomes ruled out for the quarter due to a concussion he suffered at the end of the third quarter.

Cleveland got a huge break, as they intercepted Chad Henne in the endzone midway in the fourth quarter, but could not do anything with turnover. The Browns could not stop Henne on a fourth and short with the game on the line and their season finally came to an end.

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