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  • Brandon Harley

Broncos' struggles continue

With Sean Payton's hiring this offseason, the Broncos had high expectations heading into the season. However, so far, they have failed to live up to them. Even though Russell Wilson has thrown for 1,305 passing yards and 12 TDS a lot of that came in garbage time minutes and overall, the offense hasn't been clicking.

The defense has been ineffective, being the first NFL team to allow 70 points and 700 yards of offense in the same game to the Miami Dolphins. This has led to the team's disappointing record of 1-5 so on this season. "I think it was a win-win for both sides," Coach Payton said about cutting veteran OLB Fran Clark. This is another veteran lost on defense with the recent trade of DE Randy Gregory to the 49ers. 

On a positive note, the defense has succeeded in the red zone recently when asked about it Payton stated " No. 1, they’re trusting the technique within the scheme framework. We’re gradually getting healthier. Obviously, it’s great to see Safety Justin Simmons back on the field. I would say, more than anything, it’s understanding what you’re doing".

Coach Payton commented about the passing game struggling at the moment, saying "It’s been a handful of things. It’s hard to point to one specifically. You want to have confidence in the pocket, and we need to find ways to get guys open." My honest opinion I don't think Wilson is the QB of the future for this team and they are in rebuild mode with the recent transactions on defense. I believe Payton wants his own QB to mold into what he desires. With a great class of quarterbacks coming out of the draft this year, there is no better time to do this.

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