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Broncos' offense comes alive a bit too late in loss to Chiefs 19-8

Denver has not started the season like they wanted. They were desperately looking for some type of spark with a 1-4 record and playing the Chiefs, the outcome could have gone both ways. On one hand, the Broncos have had success with putting up points on the board in the second half on opponents, while Kansas City has not looked like that explosive team in the second half, this season which could have easily led to an upset. However, the other hand was a deadly hand of Denver shooting themselves in the head with mistake after mistake after mistake. It was an emotional roller coaster once again for Denver.

Denver had a couple of mistakes in the first quarter. For starters, they decided to go for it on a fourth and three and could not convert the down and two possessions later Rusell Wilson misread the defense and throws a pick right to the Chiefs. The Broncos' defense bailed out the offense by picking off Patrick Mahomes when they were threatening to score a few minutes later. You will have to give the Broncos' defense a pat on the back majority of the half, they got after Mahomes and stopped potential points going on the board. However, the Chiefs' O got back into sync and got into the endzone, which stunted the Broncos defense at the end of the half, 13-0.

With only having a total of 94 yards, the Broncos wanted to find some way to gain something productive in the second half. Wilson had a bit of juice on their second possession in the third quarter, but the grief of the grim reaper was approaching very soon. Just when it looked like the Broncos would score some points, Wilson had a ball that was tipped and intercepted by Kansas City. Things got a bit interesting late in the fourth, Wilson and crew finally got on the board and converted on a two-point conversion to make a one score game. All they needed to do was stop Kansas City from converting on third downs, which was a tall task to ask the tired Broncos.

The defense for Denver stepped up to the task and forced the Chiefs to kick a long potential kick to end the game. The Chiefs got the kick through and went on to end Denver hopes for a comeback. Wilson finished with 95 yards, 1 touchdown, 2 picks, and 31 yards on the ground.


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