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Boston slips in the fourth quarter against the 76ers 108-99 in preseason play

Boston- Despite having three players in double figures, the Celtics were defeated by the Philadelphia 76ers 108-99.

The Celtics key starters Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum struggled to find their rhythm throughout the game. Both players combined for 15 points in 42 minutes and looked tired down the stretch in the second half.

Boston struggled to contain the inside presence of the 76ers' "Twin Towers." Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid was having their way with the Celtic's small line-up. Both players were getting easy lay-ups and effecting the Celtics' pick and roll action. Embiid and Simmons finished the game in double figures.

With under three minutes left in regulation, Boston had a couple of key turnovers that killed any type of comeback.Turnovers was the key factor that halted any productive drives down the floor for the Celtics. They had 19 total turnovers for the game.

Even though they Celtics loss the game, they found some bright spots to play off of. They have a veteran player by the name of Jeff Teague, who scored 18 points, shooting 7 out of 9 from the field.

Teague can be a valuable piece for the second unit, if the Celtics allow him to be that guy for them. He can shoot the mid -range shot effectively, score at will, and does not care about playing "ISO Ball." It is very early in the season to make an assumption, but Teague brings a mature mentality to Boston's second unit.

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