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Boston have their backs against the wall in a must win game after losing Game 5, 104-94

Boston- The Celtics' killed themselves late with costly turnovers and now face a win or go home game.

After a huge let down in Game 4, where the Celtics potential had the Warriors on the ropes, but blew a second half lead, Boston was looking for redemption in Game 5. Turnovers and bad shot selection was the crutch that kept Boston in a hole early on. Jayson Tatum was non-effective in the first quarter and only had six points at the end of the first.

Marcus Smart and others stated to play Boston basketball. Instead of settling for three pointers, they started attacking the paint. At one point in the half, the Celtics could not buy a three pointer to save their lives. They were 0-12 until Smart and Al Horford hit a couple big ones to escape a Warriors knockout punch. At the end of the half, the Celtics were down a dozen 51-39.

Boston's offense started clicking at the start of the second half. In a blink of an eye, the Celtics were only down by two within a three minute span. The Celtics hit eight consecutive threes and toke their first lead at the seven minute mark in the third. Defensively, the Celtics did a good job not allowing Curry to get to his spots and making him give up the ball. Despite everything, the Celtics were down by one at the end of the third.

Players on both sides were complaining about not getting fouls or fouls that were called on them. Smart was one of those players and got a crucial tech midway in the fourth, which helped Golden State go up double digits. The Warriors went on a 20--9 run in the last two minutes to send the Celtics home with a loss.


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