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Bleeding and battered, Giannis Antetokounmpo saves the day for the Bucks 110-107

With the Celtics and Al Horford making life difficult for Milwaukee, the Bucks were on a crash collision with having their vision of a NBA Finals repeat shattered. Game 5 started off with a lot of Bucks going to the free throw line and earning points from the strike. Jrue Holiday was aggressive early on. Instead of waiting for Giannis Antetokounmpo to create opportunities, Holiday was creating them. From dishing out dimes, to driving to the rim, Holiday was making sure that he was helping is team.

Things started to go downhill a bit for the Bucks. in the second quarter. When Boston pushed the pace of the game, the Bucks had no answer with stopping Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart, and Brown. The Celtics went on a 12-4 run and looked to run up the score on the bucks,but Giannis was not having any of it. Giannis went to work and scored nine consecutive points to cut the Celtics lead 54-47 at the half.

The Bucks turned their horns at the Celtics and went on a 10-2 charge to cut Boston's lead to three at the start of the third. Turnovers and the speed of the Boston on the open floor was a key factor with the Celtics going up in double figures. Jalen Brown had a 16 point quarter and kept the Bucks in headlights throughout the third. Milwaukee tried everything they could do to stop Jayson Tatum, but nothing was working until midway in the quarter. A few Celtics' turnovers helped the Bucks go on a 10-4 run to cut the Celtics lead to six.

Things got a little tense with under a minute left in regulation. Holiday hit a much needed three to tie the game up with .45 seconds left in regulation. Giannis was fouled with 14.2 seconds and hit 1 out of 2. After Giannis missed the free throw, Bobby Portis snatched the rebound and hit a game winning lay-up.

Gianniis finished with 40 points and 11 rebounds.


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