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BHRC Alliance Dallas Grand Opening Recap

Dallas, TX- Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center’s grand opening had a great opening with guests donating to a great cause, celebrities in attendance, and the smiles everyone had

Last week, BHRC Alliance had a grand opening, which allowed more guests to understand what BHRC's purpose was. Celebrities such as Dean Cain (Superman etc), D’Andra Simmons (RHOD), and Erica Rose (Bachelorette and Below Deck) showed their appreciation and support during the opening.

Press, as well as guests had the opportunity to donate teddy bears, socks, and undergarments to the Children’s Advocacy Center and Union Gospel Mission in Fort Worth, Texas. Those who donated.were gifted 25 units of Dysport or 10 units of Botox. Everyone left with knowledge and understand of BHRC's purpose.

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