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Bernstein’s Wall, Do Not Hesitate and Dr. Death premiered at Day 6 of the Tribeca Film Festival

New York- Three upcoming and interesting films made their way to the forefront in Day 6 of the Tribeca Film Festival.

Bernstein's Wall premiered its screening and had critics chirping about the documentary. The documentary is based on the iconic classical musician Leonard Bernstein.The film tells how the musician claimed his fame and how he overcame certain obstacles in his life.

The second short film that had a huge attendance was Dr. Death. The guests, who were in attendance love the idea of the series and was welcomed by the cast. Noticeable names that attended the screener was Christian Slater, Joshua Jackson, Anna Sophia Robb, Hubert Pont-Du Jour, Grace Gummer, and Patrick Macmanu.

The last, but not least popular film Do Not Hesitate had a lot of people on edge. The film was about three Dutch soldiers alone in a Middle Eastern desert as both an incisive psychological study and a chilling parable. The film was very drama packed and had guests gripping onto every detail.


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