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Basketball's EuroLeague Ends Remainder of Season Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

With the Coronavirus pandemic still in full effect, the EuroLeague decided the best outcome to keep everyone safe was to cancel the remainder of the season.

"Without a doubt, this is the most difficult decision we have had to take in our 20-year history,” Euroleague Basketball President and CEO Jordi Bertomeu said. “Due to reasons beyond our control, we have been forced to cut short the most successful and exciting season in European basketball history."

The Euroleague is very popular outside of the NBA and has been a gateway for exposure for great talent that has another chance to prove to the world that they can be a superstar or a great role player for a pro team. Shane Larkin, who was the top scorer in the league this season, averaging 22.2 points per game for the Istanbul-based club Anadolu Efes expressed his emotions about the cancelation of the season.

"It is no secret that since postponing the season players haven’t had the ability to remain in top-level shape,” Larkin wrote. “On top of the risk factor of possibly contracting the virus, the possibility of injuries is extremely high."

“Every team deserves and equal opportunity to win the EuroLeague but because of this pandemic many teams and players don’t have the chance to be as prepared as others,” he added. “I don’t think the EuroLeague champions should be decided by who has the ability to train and who doesn’t.”

The Euroleague will return for in October of this year, to start the 2020-2021 season.

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