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Backstage Creations brought some excitement to talent at the VMA's

New York- With fans in attendance and a lot of running around, it seemed like normal awards life was back for the VMA's and the Backstage Creations crew.

Since the global pandemic has halted a lot of gifting suits, award seasons, and just the normal life of what it means to be working with or along side a big event, it was nice to see everyone enjoying a semi-post pandemic.

Backstage Creations and Crosle partner up for an exclusive suitcase style record player with a “VMAs” wrap to create an ultra-exclusive, limited-edition gift for this year’s show. A lot of the talent loved the idea of the uniqueness behind the suitcase. Outside of the stylish suitcase, the VMA's gift bag included ALO Yoga, hair care brand, fun game called Bananagrams, a synthesizer, and a Mental Health t-Shirt

A lot of talent loved the gifts and understood that talking about mental health was the bigger topic than an award shows or gifts.

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