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Anthony Edwards goes off in victory over Jordan

After defeating their last two opponents like they were pest to the kingdom that they were looking to build, Team USA had a match up with Jordan. Prior to an early tip off with Jordan, most people had Team USA wiping the floor with them.

Anthony "Ant Man" Edwards showed up and out. I guess he did not want to be left out of the spotlight, because everything was going his way. From pull up jumpers to going to the rack with ease, Edwards was in his bag. He finished as the leading scorer for Team USA with 22 points, eight rebounds, and four assists.

Outside of Edwards, Team USA shot the ball pretty well, eclipsing 48% from the field. Despite their 110-62 runaway victory over a noncompetitive team, Team USA struggled to find their stroke from behind the arc. Today, they were a whopping 10/ 29 from tray land. Their three point shooting is mainly the only takeaway from the game.

Right now they are 3-0 in tournament play and will face Montenegro on Friday.

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